Retired Greyhounds

Our Retired Greyhounds

After completing their racing careers, Greyhounds retire to loving families to spend the rest of their lives relaxing in their forever-home. The impeccable care and love we provide them doesn't end on the Track - this is of course carried on after they stop racing. We help them seek out their new families through the assistance of our local Greyhound Trust who help to provide homes for the racers and ensure they're both happy and healthy!

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"Having had other breeds of dog, I'm now on my third greyhound with gorgeous brindle Charlie. Such easy dogs who adapt quickly to home life after their racing careers have finished, and Charlie is on the awareness team at events showcasing the fabulous breed to the public. Charlie lives with a Spanish Mastiff called Grizzly who also attends events to show the public that greyhounds can live with other breeds, and are mainstream pets."

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"We had a wonderful Lurcher previously, and we knew we loved that lollopy, long nosed kind of a dog. So as soon as the Centre allowed visitors with its Coronavirus policy, we booked to visit. Freddie was the stand out dog for us. Confident, sweet and a mega babe! “He loves his grub” they said (and stolen courgettes, pencils, butterdish, plums, bagels etc.). Perfect on his walks right away, though he had a lot to learn about houses, he’s doing great. The Centre matched him perfectly with us."

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Hello, my name is Isla aka Mountain Isle & I raced at Hove track! I arrived at my forever home just over a year ago. I wasn't in the rehoming kennels at Twineham for very long as my new owners snapped me up fast! They call it a speedy gonzales hound... I think. I absolutely love my new home & my fur brother Finn, who is also a retired Greyhound. I do race around my new garden doing zoomies with my brother... my mum says I'm a nutter! I also love throwing my furry Pheasant in the air too... I love it here! Isla

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Jacko & Tilly

I used to visit Coral stadium each Mothers Day with my family, and so when we lost our lurcher, a greyhound was the natural choice (no more puppies for me! lol) We contacted the Brighton RGT, and were matched up with a real gentle giant, Magic. When he grew old and we said goodbye, my husband took me 3 days later to find another furry friend. This time, we were matched up with Jacko. He is a loopy, loving quirky boy who gives the best cuddles. After almost a year, we decided the time was right to get Jacko a girlfriend so he had company when we were not at home. Jacko and Tilly were introduced on Valentines Day and she came to live with us the next afternoon. We have never regretted our decision to rehome these wonderful dogs. They are the ultimate couch potatoes for much of the time, so low maintenance and the interactions and differences in character are lovely to watch (Tilly is the bossy one) . They have been on many holidays with us and are admired wherever we go!

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Dunky raced under the name 'Dunquin Lodge' and was born in 2012.

He found a loving home with lovely scarves in 2018!

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Eddy was a rescue from Ireland by the BRGT and has been a real pleasure to have as part of our family.

We have homed 3 before Eddy and they have all had different characters.

Eddy has been the one that wants to play with squeaky toys and has settled into home life like all our previous greyhounds.

They are a breed apart and we wouldn't consider any other.

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This is Mackie (Romeo Collision) who was rehomed with us from Twineham, thanks to Caz, 4 years ago.

He was wild at first, really excitable around other dogs, but now is completely calm, comes when called & is great with the grandchildren, chickens & ducks.

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Here's Joe, former racer, who we adopted at the beginning of October, 2020.

He's settled in really well, to a home environment, and is a loveable, affectionate dog, adored by the whole family.

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Tonduff Noddy

Here is Tonduff Noddy enjoyed her retirement in an upturned Aldi dog bed!

She is now 9 1/2 years old and thoroughly spoiled.

She has been at home with my family since she retired just before her 4th birthday, and enjoys her cuddles.

For a greyhound she is quite vocal when she wants something (usually dinner)

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Burnpark Rosie

A well known dog at the track who retired due to injury in September, Burnpark Rosie found a home in her loving retirement and a cosy new bed.

The early pace she had while racing has certainly gone now!

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Britannia Chas

Ex racer at Hove, Britania Chas is loving life in retirement in Worthing with beach walks but especially loves his walks on the South downs 🐾🐾