Owners Association Benefits

Below you'll find a list of benefits that you, as a Greyhound owner, will receive, valid across all 4 LadbrokesCoral Stadia

Owning a greyhound is affordable and great fun - nothing beats the thrill of watching your own greyhound pass the winning line first.

There are many advantages to owning a Greyhound at Hove, including:

  • Free Admission +1
  • Free racecard
  • 25% discount on restaurant food and drink
  • 10% discount on snack bar
  • 20% discount on presentation package*
  • 100 Race award - presentation package
  • 3 in a row award – presentation package
  • Dogs and bitch of the month – presentation package
  • Every name associated with a dog will receive a pass +1
  • Syndicates will have a maximum of 10 passes +1

*Presentation Package includes:

  • £50 name a race
  • Trophy presentation, rosette and photograph

(Optional extras such as flowers and champagne can be added at an additional cost)